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Sales Automation

In order to achieve your businesses core goals, it’s crucial to monitor and measure the performance of the key factors which help create success for your business. Whether it’s social media engagement, marketing effectiveness or your website’s performance, we can help you track the metrics which are most important for your business.

‘Opportunities don’t happen. You create them’ 

- Chris Grosser -

Analytics not only measures how your businesses KPI’s are performing relative to their goals but it can also be used to measure how your customers engage with your brand, your company and your products. For example, we can send automated monthly reports to a small business who have just recently launched their first website so they can monitor how their customers are engaging with their website, their products and their business.

Understanding your customers - Whether you’re an established enterprise looking to launch a new product or you’re a brand new start up looking to define their target market, through the use of apps such as Targeto, Kissmetrics and Google Analytics, Autovate can help provide your business with insight into who your potential customers are, who are your existing customers, their behaviors, their interests and their spending habits.

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