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Advertising Automation

Whether your business runs Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook Adverts or LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads, Autovation can help monitor your ad campaigns and make the process as simple and as stress free as possible.

‘Half of Advertising is a waste - I just don’t know which half’ 

- John Wanamaker -

Autovation can set up alerts and notifications to keep you in the know: You can receive email alerts or text notifications when different advertising milestones are met - for instance, when a campaign reaches its advertising budget or when people start engaging with your adverts.

Use these events to trigger better ad campaigns on the fly.

We can even have monthly reports sent directly to your inbox every morning with a  breakdown of the key metrics for each campaign so you know where your marketing spend is going and how your ads are performing.

Autovation is here to help you monitor campaigns and improve how your business advertises online by providing you with the right information to make smarter decisions.

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